Gestalt Activity

COMM 125 Gestalt Project

I wanted to create a fun wall hanging for my daughter’s bedroom. (Her room is pink.) I used squares of different sizes and a monochromatic theme to create three distinct designs. The center of the design has all the squares centered one inside the other, forming a square bullseye. Repetition is included in the outside edge of the whole square. The outer corners have the four inside squares aligning on an inside edge. The four central squares on the outer edge of the design have two of their squares turned at 90 degree angles. They align with each other. All of the outside squares, second to the largest squares, and second to the smallest squares align horizontally. The two largest squares in each square are aligned both vertically and horizontally. I tried to place the colors to give strong visual contrast. Each square contains five squares of differing sizes and intensity of color. No two squares are exactly alike. Each one uses unique color arrangements to keep it fresh.

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