5A Flyer


Process: My message was to put together a 5K race to raise money for breast cancer research. I wanted to have an appealing race with proceeds going to a great cause. I targeted runners of all ages who want to make a difference in the fight against cancer. I chose a monochromatic color scheme, because the pink ribbon and color is well-recognized as the symbol for the fight against breast cancer. When I saw this picture with the female runner wearing pink and purple shoes, I knew I had the visual image I was looking for. I chose a decisively feminine font as part of the title, since the majority of people who fight this disease are female. I liked the clean lines of Century Gothic font and was pleasantly surprised to discover it was the same font used on the logo of my sponsor (Adidas). Then I just had to decide the placement, size of the fonts and logos for the project.

Critique Process: I put my project on Facebook and received some great advice. Shelley Guthrie Tiffany felt like the original title was kind of scattered (which it was). She also suggested using the same font size and outline in “Find” and “Cure” as the rest of the title, as well as left-aligning the date, time, and place. I re-did the title omitting some words and adding other words. I also aligned all the body copy to the left. Steph Dee suggested I increase the font size of the sentence telling who the beneficiary is. I didn’t do that because it would have made the sentence too wide for my invisible alignment borders. I also met with Brent Fisher, who suggested I raise my title to leave more white space. He also suggested making the body copy font smaller so it would all fit on the grass. I raised the title and made it a little smaller to give the picture more white space. I followed his suggestion for the body copy, too. I added pink ribbons to the body copy as bullet points for repetition of the pink ribbon, which also shows up in the beneficiary’s logo. I repeated the pink-outlined-in-black of the ribbons in several of the words in my title.

Color Scheme: Monochromatic: Red. Pink is the color for breast cancer awareness, so I chose to make that my color scheme.

Fonts: Title: both Century Gothic (sans serif) and Tangerine (script) Body Copy: Century Gothic (sans serif)

Link to Images: http://new-balance-running-shoes.com/wpcontent/uploads/2015/12/uhhospitals. jpg
https://openclipart.org/image/2400px/svg_to_png/233354/Cancer-Ribbon-15-2015120403. png
http://etop24.com/data/include/cms/brubeck/ru1. jpg
http://advicesisters.com/uploaded_images/pink-ribbon-747179. jpg
(I had to leave a space before the final three letter ie. jpg and png because the image popped up instead of the URL if I didn’t.)

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7 Responses to 5A Flyer

  1. joselidalva says:

    Nancy, this is such a great Flyer! I really liked how your overall visual image went in line with your fonts and the color scheme, it really looks great. The flyer looks visually appealing and I also liked how you made it very “feminine” in a way, considering it is mostly targeted to the female community. This looks like it could be a real flyer for a 5K race and it really stood out to me on the class Facebook Page. Great job!


  2. Hi Nancy, I love the changes you made. I like how the pink shoes match the pink font, and especially the pink bullets! The entire design is clean, fresh, and neat. I think you did a well mixing the script in the title with Century Gothic. The body copy is very easy and simple to read. Good job placing the logos together and positioning the person to the side of the page. Nice flier!

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  3. I thought your color choice matched your audience. I also thought your shoes made a good focal point. Have you participated in one of these before? It is such a good cause. I think we all know women who have suffered from breast cancer.

    Check out Miguel’s Ad I thought he did a good job with his use of color.


  4. Ellie Arave says:

    I am in LOVE with your color scheme. It matches your theme very well! I also think that your fonts balance each other out very well, and they work very well with your design. Great job!! TJ Boyle also had a really cool design. Check it out here: https://visualfundamentals.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/event-flier/


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