8C LFC Photography Activity





Rule of Thirds

Lead Room

I love photography and am just starting to learn how to take pictures that aren’t just point and shoot. I have always wanted to take pictures where parts were in focus and parts were blurred out. I finally did it! Our winter this year has been very dry and my photos show it. We did get a snowstorm this week, so some of my pictures have snow. For the outdoor picture, I went to a nearby lake. It was cloudy on the horizon, but I got a shot that I cropped into thirds to show mostly sky. It made a huge difference to focus on the sky before taking the photo. It’s not my favorite picture I’ve ever taken, but with Lightroom, the colors were boosted and it looks much better. For my indoor photo, I put some mice figurines against a black background. This photo required the most editing, but I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

For the foreground, background picture, I used a bird feeder in our yard. I was lucky that a mom and her little boy were taking a walk as I was taking pictures. I got a clear picture of them in the background-in-focus picture. I like how the bird feeder looks in the focus on it. It surprised me how different the editing was for the two pictures to achieve the best color and look for each one. It was fun!

For the rule of thirds, I took this photo at sunrise. I cropped it and did very little editing. It was beautiful all by itself. For the lead room, I had a friend come over so I could take some pictures of her musical instrument for next week’s project. She let me take her picture for the lead photo. We had a lot of fun with it. I had to make the colors more vibrant and slight cropping, but didn’t do more editing than that.

I really enjoyed this project, but was frustrated by the dry winter. Thank goodness the sun produces beautiful sunrises all year round! I had never worked with Lightroom or Photoshop before. It was fun learning a little about Lightroom. I think it is something I could really enjoy using with my photographs.

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