9A Photographic Study Project

Comm-125-Violin-Collage-FinalNancyWells9A-4 NancyWells9A-8 NancyWells9A-10 NancyWells9A-2NancyWells9A-5

This is my favorite project up to this point in the class. I love photography and am just getting started with trying my hand at it. I have so much to learn. When I saw this project, I immediately knew I wanted to photograph a violin. A friend of mine has one, so I was able to borrow it from her. I liked how the different shots turned out. I took about 150 photographs. It was interesting trying to get different shots that would be interesting yet not feel like a duplicate. I wish I had a professional background. I used some black fabric I had that didn’t have a sheen. It still sometimes looked blue, and I had to try to darken it without ruining the color of the violin. Still, it was fun working in Lightroom. I discovered my own computer does a better job at removing parts not wanted in the picture or needing to be smoothed out or blended. I really liked the feature that let me look at the before and after shots, so I could ensure I wasn’t getting crazy with my editing. I had to work to make the violin the same color throughout. Some shots made it look brown, others yellow, and the rest were somewhere in-between. It was interesting to see how different the editing changes were to get the violin the color and clarity I wanted. Speaking of clarity, that was one of my favorite editing buttons. It made a big difference with how the pictures looked. The black and white buttons made quite a difference. I tried my hand with the blended Photoshop photo. I can see how it would really look nice with the right two photos or texture. Photoshop was completely new to me. I was glad to have Ben guiding me to learn my way around. We have the best tutors! All in all, it was fun editing my photos and making the collage.

I received the following critiques:
Ashley Linder Daniels Gorgeous photos!! The angle on the shot with the bow is just fantastic. I also think that the solid background really helps the rich color of the instrument stand out. Great job!

Dee Selph Wightman I love it. Nice job. This is hard to critique Maybe lighten the top middle photo? Because of the shadow underneath. Just a little….

Margery Bailey Sabolsky Oh wow beautiful. Good job on collage and love font. Maybe switch bottom left to be put in bottom middle square and bottom middle to be put in bottom left square; in other words switch. More visually appealing

I agreed with Dee and lightened the top center photo. I also switched two of the bottom photos and liked them better the way Margery suggested. I appreciated their critiques. I really enjoyed this project!

Font: Vivaldi

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2 Responses to 9A Photographic Study Project

  1. judydaines says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I love your pictures of the violin. The colors are so rich. May favorite picture is the picture of the violin and the bow. Here is my web-site. I just realized that I forgot to add the comments, oh dear! Thanks, Judy


  2. Hey Nancy you did a great job capturing the beauty and elegance of the violin. My grandmother played and I think it is such a beautiful instrument. I loved the angles and perspectives you got and thought you did a tasteful job editing as well. Wonderful work! Check out my blog at https://hartmanmorgie.wordpress.com


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