13A Final Portfolio

I enjoyed preparing this slide show. I created it in PowerPoint. I know how to do so much in there now! I re-worked five of my slides to prepare them for my portfolio. I remade my “Eye of the Tiger” to make the text more visible. I had to remake the whole thing, because I hadn’t saved the Word document; I thought a JPEG was all I needed. I created a somewhat transparent background rectangle the same color as the leaves in the image. I softened the edges so it wouldn’t detract from the image. It is a great match, doesn’t show up, and the text is crystal clear. I also had to recreate my event flier. I had placed some text too close to the margin in the original version. It was fun creating it from scratch again, knowing what I was doing this time. I had to work on my movie poster. There was that problem with the shadow on the roof looking like it was sky. I got Brent to help me and we made it the same color as the shingles on the roof. We removed both trees from the image. I didn’t like how bare it looked, so I went back and used a photo that I had taken the previous day while it was snowing. I like the white it adds to the project. It still has the trees, and now it doesn’t look so bland. I like my new movie poster much better. I also had to make changes to my pie Web Site page. Sister Larson suggested I change the logo from a white background to a red one, to match the rest of the heading. I had a cute pie clip art image I wanted to keep in the logo, but it had a white square background to it. Because it was so small, it lost its shape when I tried to cut it out. I worked on it for quite some time before I called “uncle” and went to a tutor. Brent knew a way to use the magic wand to accomplish what I needed to do, so we did it, and it worked! The solid red heading looks much better. My last change was to my magazine spread in InDesign. I removed an image, removed a box outline, then corrected some text to remove an orphan. I like the white space those changes added to my spread. To finish making this slide show, I had to choose my layout for the portfolio. I vacillated between using color in my background or making them all a neutral gray. I finally opted for the grays. I also decided to center each project on the page.

My message is: Look at the amazing things I have learned to do in COMM 125!
My audience is: Everyone! I hope there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Margery Bailey Sabolsky: Nancy, brilliant idea to say what software you used to create your designs. My critique from Sis. Larson encouraged me to do the same. Great job on the ‘bars’ with titles in them; great use of color. Not sure I like the font on First slide; the cursive one.
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Kristen Larson Wayne (aka Nancy) here you go: http://screencast.com/t/d5CnQztm0p0
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Shelley Guthrie Tiffany: The label bar on Slide #2 is a little difficult to read. Perhaps a darker background?
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Nancy Wells: Shelley Guthrie Tiffany It’s black and it’s not been coming through. I don’t know why slideshare kept dropping it. It saved right in the pdf. I just redid the whole thing. It worked and all the bars came through. I changed the look of it in several ways. Could you look at it again, Shelley, and tell me what you think? Thanks! Nancy
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Shelley Guthrie Tiffany: Nancy, this revision looks really nice. I like the black/white gradient in the backgrounds. The new diamond design works well. I like the placement of your images for the slide design page better on this newer version. You have good color variations in your labels. Nice work!
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All of my critiques were from Facebook, with a Jing included from Sister Larson. All were given on the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the project was due. Neither Margery nor Sister Larson liked the decorative font I used, so I changed it to something a little easier to read, made all the fonts the right size, and corrected the leading. The new font adds some variety, but is tasteful. Shelley noticed that SlideShare was dropping the black bar from one of my slides. I worked to correct it and couldn’t get it to work with SlideShare. So I re-did my whole portfolio. I needed to redo it anyway, because Sister Larson pointed out that my pictures were too small, since I had the bar that labeled each slide at the bottom of the slide. I moved the bar to the left side and made it wider. I removed the colored background and decided to go with a gray background. I wasn’t happy with it until I made it gradient. That made the slides look much better. I also added a diamond design to connect each slide to the others. I listened to all of the critiques and appreciated all of the great ideas for improving my portfolio. I’m pleased with the final product.

Fonts: Roboto/sans serif, Gabriola/serif


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19 Responses to 13A Final Portfolio

  1. miguelangelpenabyui says:

    Hi Nancy! thank you so much for sharing your portfolio with us, your portfolio is very nice and professional, it was a pleasure working with you during this semester, I have to confess that the color scheme of your slides look great, but the one I really like is your movie poster slide.
    As I told you before, I have a little flower business, It would be a pleasure if you visit my fan page and give me a like.


  2. michalaw says:

    Great job with your final portfolio! You killed it! I love the consistent elements in each slide and color coordination. Great job with your designs and this semester overall. http://www.michalawawro.wordpress.com


  3. duhacekblog says:

    Looking at your webpage; it has definitely made me hungry. Nothing better than cherry pie and popsicles. I think you made one of the best event flyers out of the class. Your magazine spread is spectacular. Keep pursuing your dreams & goals in your education process. https://duhacekblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/12-a-final-portfolio/


  4. Hi Nancy, Great work. I was impressed reading through all the effort you made to create your final portfolio. It was inspiring. You have been a great classmate to have. I knew I could always count on you for a critique or just an uplifting comment. Of your designs my favorites were the web page, event flier and magazine spread.


  5. Nancy,
    Well done! My favorite project of yours was your magazine spread. Good use of columns. I like the way you incorporated the wave into the background. Also I thought the typography of you title looked sharp. I can tell you put a lot of thought and care into all of your projects. I thought your use of color was smart particularly in your event poster and typography assignments.


  6. bethmulllen says:

    I loved your portfolio. I think the way you designed the first and last slides and how they coordinate. I also like your typography project, I think you did very well on that. I also like the way you labeled each page with the colors and text that match your first and last pages! You should also check out my blog https://bethmulllen.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/final-portfolio-comm-125/


  7. Morgan Jones says:

    Nancy, I have really enjoyed seeing the work you produced this semester! You are so creative and fun, and your designs are unique. I think your slides in your portfolio are wonderful and I think anyone would be lucky to have you on their team. Great work. Morgan


  8. sdourte says:


    Thank you for sharing your project. I didn’t even think of editing some of my projects, I think that was a really good idea! I also enjoyed how you included your email address to your portfolio. I also like the repeating element, the diamonds with the little flowers that change color based on your project. Great job!

    Kindest Regards,


  9. thorakman25 says:

    Your slideshow turned out really great! You are really talented and your projects really show it. Employers would be wise to hire you. I hope things turn out well in the future and I hope you keep up the momentum as you continue to move forward.


  10. Ellie Arave says:

    Nancy I LOVE the design of your final portfolio! I love that the design elements on each slide remain consistent, but that the colors are pulled out of your projects. You did some great work this semester, and I can see your improvement in your designs. Feel free to check out Jessica’s blog post here: https://lovesbblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/13a-final-project/comment-page-1/#comment-33


  11. Lori Hamblin says:

    You are so talented and have taken time to share your experience with all of your classmates this entire semester – thank you. As I looked through your portfolio I was especially impressed with two of your projects. The first was your event flyer, because I love to run I could see how people would want to sign up for this event. The colors and images were on point. I also thought your webpage design was so good, the images of the pies draw you in to check it out more closely. Your style is professional and tasteful. Good Job!


  12. lovesbblog says:

    Great work! It has been fun to interact with you and see your interactions with others this semester. You have great designs and you can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into what you do. You have a great sense for design and pick great color schemes. Keep up the great work and good luck with the rest of your schooling.


  13. bryanjwrightblog says:

    Hi Nancy, thank you for sharing your final portfolio with us, looking at all your slides I can tell that you are very good at what you do. All your slides look wonderful and have lots of good color. I really like you typography slide about the eye of the tiger. I worked with an older man for twenty years in our local little league program who loved the idea of the eye of the tiger. He would constantly tell the boys to get the eye of the tiger when they came up to bat, and it seemed to more often than not. Nice job. 🙂


  14. deewightman says:

    Nancy your designs have been outstanding. Your magazine spread looks so professional. I also loved your typography project. Your movie poster was so real. Loved it. All the best with your new skills.

    Check out Bryan Wright’s blog post. He had great projects also.


  15. Nancy – Beautiful portfolio! Your projects have caught my eye all semester. Each project is always well planned and designed. Your magazine spread, movie poster, photography project and typography are a few of my favorites. Congratulations!


  16. Dear Nancy Wells,
    I love your slide color choices and how easy it is to read the titles. I am glad you chose to list the software as Sister Larson suggested. My favorite project of yours are the flier, photography, and web page designs. I liked how you added the pink ribbon bullets like I did on my flier. I also loved the violin pictures as the violin is my favorite instrument. I think you did a great job this semester! Check me out at https://cherylmeinencomm125.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/13a-final-portfolio/ and https://addysonhujtyn.wordpress.com/category/design/ Thanks!


  17. margeryebs says:

    Hi Nancy. I enjoyed following your projects this semester. I was always curious to see what you would come up with. I love your color scheme in your Race for the Cure. You also did a nice job using color to highlight your projects in your final portfolio. Margery https://margeryssite.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/13a-final-portfolio/


  18. Really nice work on your final portfolio project. It is very professional looking. You coordinated the colors well on the side bars and titles. You’ve done some really nice work this semester. My favorites are your magazine spread, web page and movie poster.


  19. Nancy, I love your work. You have shown amazing skills throughout this class. Your portfolio has a very polished, distinguished look to it. You used a great variety of color throughout. Now that I see your final magazine spread, it looks fantastic with the wave going full bleed. You have been an inspiration to me! – Shelley

    See my portfolio at:https://lovetocook.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/13a-final-portfolio/

    and Michala’s magazine spread at: https://michalawawro.wordpress.com/2016/03/25/magazine-spread-new-layout/comment-page-1/#comment-17


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